Technology is not new to education, but how it is being promoted is. We used technology as simple tools to enhance learning, like the calculator that helped us add, but our math teachers refused to let us use. Spell check and grammar check to correct our  mistakes, thereby removing our brains from noticing errors and actually using our critical thinking to figure it out on our own. Now we use the internet to search for the answers instead of activating our memories for data retrieval or using a book to read and in some cases infer the answer. Using technology makes work faster so we can squeeze more data into the school day. It is not more efficient, nor is there enough valid research backing the idea that more technology is benefiting our children. They need to be comfortable with a computer, because odds are they will use one. They need to be comfortable navigating the internet, because again, odds are they will use it. They can however wait until they understand that 1/2 of 1/16 is 1/8  and2/3 is the same as 8/12 and 4/4 is just the number 1 before learning this from a computer. Why is a third grader learning this when their brain is not ready for that type of abstract learning?  It is because we have computer programs that can train their brain to memorize patterns, which  is great for patterns, but not so great for  enhancing a love of math or even promoting  learning math skills. Why is it, when we have new technological advancements, we use it to train children instead of letting teachers use it to enhance them?

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