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Can we fight back against state and federal policies? YES.
I will push back against policies that undermine a teacher’s ability to govern their classroom. I will use empirical data and statutes to fight for our schools and our children. I will revive the school board with a zest for being an ally to our teachers instead of being the enemy.
When will our local legislature stand up and fight for the removal of standardized tests and the unethical use of holding our students and teachers accountable for invalid, unreliable, and flawed exams? When I sit on the board. 

I will be relentless in my pursuits to find a way. We are the elected, local body of government that represents grass roots politics. We hold in our positions the obligation to ensure we fight for developmentally appropriate practices and fair treatment, not only for our students, but for our teachers, who are forced everyday to teach under a system that goes against what they have been educated to do, all in the name of false rigor. We have parents, teachers, and students all fighting against the current system; its time our local school board did the same. I am running for my local school board in Duval County. 

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Stacie P Dern for Duval