Hopefully this trial will alert those who are still in the dark about what is going on in our public schools.


by: Kathleen Oropeza|Guest Columnist Orlando Sentinel

Parents of children in public schools are well aware that the high-stakes testing season is here. What they may not realize is that Florida’s marquee public education trial is under way in Leon County. Pay close attention. This is as big as it gets:

Getting to trial has taken seven long years with the state battling to kill the suit — and I do not exaggerate.

Almost every “education reform” policy imposed by legislators through Florida’s A-F Accountability scheme is on the table. Citizens for Strong Schools, filed in 2009, aims to improve education with positive policy changes and increased funding. Thanks to the herculean pro bono efforts of the Southern Legal Counsel, this is truly a citizen-driven lawsuit.

Fund Education Now is a plaintiff, along with Citizens for Strong Schools and six low-income and minority public-school students, parents and a grandmother…

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