This is yet another example of what is wrong with the current educational system. Why does the dept of Education continue to create policy that hurts our students and then blame our teachers


It’s that time of the year: all across Florida, the children are crying, stressed and overwhelmed. Why? It is Algebra 1 EOC time.

Since 2010, Florida’s middle and high school students have been administered Algebra 1 End of Course (EOC) exams. We have argued that the Algebra 1 EOC has the highest stakes of all: not only does it count as 30% of a student’s course grade, it is a high school graduation requirement, a requirement for admission to many magnet schools, calculated into school and district grades, etc, but, this year, schools will be fined 1/6 of a student’s per pupil funding (about $1,000) if the child does not pass their EOC. Those are high stakes!

How do students react to the stress? This is what parents have to say:

  • “A 7th grader (earning high school credit) took the Algebra 1 EOC/FSA and didn’t finish the test. She is stressed…

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