Charter schools and private school vouchers take money from pubic schools making it hard for the public sector to make needed improvements

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April 27, 2016, Context Florida.

Florida’s approach to improving public education is getting serious scrutiny on several fronts.

Now is the time to take a good look at whether the changes we’ve endured — mass privatization, real-dollar funding decreases, high-stakes testing, and loss of local school board authority — gets us closer to carrying out our constitutional duty to our children.

A public-education-funding lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of 17 years of GOP-led school reforms ended in Leon County Circuit Court on April 8. Citizens for Strong Schools, Fund Education Now, and other plaintiffs have alleged that Florida is violating the State Constitution by failing to adequately fund a “high quality” public education for students.

Meanwhile, the Legislature has all but completed its power-grab from local school districts with a new, inter-district, open-enrollment scheme, and is sending public tax dollars to develop private real estate assets — in the form of…

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