If a student can take the Pert and use it for graduation and diploma, then why spend the money and time on the FSA EOC? This is about testing dollars.
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Message to Florida’s 109,000+ students who failed this spring’s Algebra 1 EOC: We recommend students consider taking the PERT instead of ever retaking the Algebra 1 EOC.

In case you missed it, the results of the 2016 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) were released on June 10, 2016. You can check them out here. There is enough data there to keep a blogger busy all summer.

We have been particularly interested in the Math EOCs: Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry. We plan on taking a closer look at those results in future blogs. Today, one thing leapt out at us: the passing rate of the students who were retaking the Algebra 1 exam (students who had previously failed the Algebra 1 EOC) is shockingly low.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.37.47 PM

Only 15 % of the 25,423 students re-taking the Algebra 1 EOC this spring passed! If you think 15% is not a very high…

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