As a community, we all want education to change. We want to see new policies in place that will give our students the education they deserve. We want someone that has a stake because they care and deeply support what public schools can do for the community and the children who attend. We want someone who enjoys serving the public, who enjoys the diversity of our schools and would work hard to make them better for all. We do not want more of the same and if you listen to the Times Union for district 7, then that is what you will get.

I, Stacie Dern, am everything that we need/want. I have knowledge of policy and statutes that will affect how our teachers are treated and how our children are educated. I value children’s education, because my own son is in a public school and I graduated from a public school. I love serving the community. I attend community events and volunteer. I attend every board meeting and speak out against bad policy, not just for myself, but also for others who have asked for my help. I will be the voice of change because I have been using my voice to make a difference for two decades, not only for my own children, but for all children. I would love to make a real difference for my city. To do that, we need to keep reinventing the wheel, because the wheel is not working. That means we work harder to make every child’s school experience one that matters. I would love to serve Duval County and join other counties together in the fight against Tallahassee for change. If I cannot do that as your board member, I will do it as a parent and teacher in a Duval County public school.
I have enjoyed this process and have met so many wonderful people that no matter the outcome, I feel I have already won. Thank you to those that have supported me and will continue to support me. Please share my Facebook page and my website so others can see what I am about and how I can be the real change our children, teachers, and principals deserve.